What are TTFields?

Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) are electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division. TTFields may interfere with the electrically charged cellular components of cancer cells, disrupting their normal function and possibly leading to cell death. As a result the cancer cell division may be slowed, or even stopped inhibiting tumor growth.

How are TTFields delivered?

TTFields are delivered to the body region where the tumor is located using a medical device. The device is lightweight, and battery-operated. Patients using the device wear four Transducer Arrays that are placed on the skin to deliver TTFields treatment non-invasively to the tumor site. Treatment should last around 18 hours per day on average. Patients may not necessarily be physically carrying the device most of the time, but will rather use it while it is placed continuously in one location (e.g. on a desk, a table or on the floor inside the carrying bag). The device was designed to allow patients the option of maintaining their normal daily routines. The device comes with a carrying bag, which can be worn as a shoulder bag, a backpack or hand-held.

Who is eligible for TTFields Treatment?

To inquire about specific study eligibility, please contact an investigator at a study center near you. Prospective patients may also contact Novocure, the study sponsor, for assistance reaching a study center [Contact Us].

What are the possible side effects of TTFields?

TTFields treatment is not expected to have systemic side effects, based on our clinical data to date. The most common device related side effect reported is mild to moderate skin irritation beneath the arrays. When TTFields are delivered, the arrays may cause mild warming and tingling of the skin underneath them. Please consult with a study physician at a participating center for additional information about potential side effects from TTFields treatment, and the other treatments in our clinical studies.

Will the use of TTFields pose any risk to family members or others?

There is no exposure of TTFields to non-users, such as family members and co-workers. The use of the device should not interfere with household or standard personal electrical devices.

Will wearing the device affect a patient’s daily life?

The device was designed to allow patients the option of maintaining their normal daily routines. The arrays placed on the skin over the tumor region will be concealed underneath the patient’s clothes. A Device Support Specialist (DSS) will offer help and support related to any appearance or lifestyle issues.

What does TTFields treatment cost?

Patients participating in the clinical studies listed on this site will use the device free of charge. If enrolled, study center personnel will go over all relevant study information including cost. Some costs such as standard of care treatment, will be processed via the patient’s insurance. For more information about study treatment costs, contact a study center near you.

Does participation in a study affect standard of care treatment?

The TTFields treatment that is offered in these clinical studies is designed to be in addition to standard of care treatment. Please speak to a study representative for details on the study procedure.